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Aerial photography is used in Photogrammetry surveys, which are often the basis for topographic maps, land-use planning, environmental & studies.

UAV's are also used in power line, roof, bridge & tower inspections, commercial advertising & real estate. In the United States, aerial photographs & video are used in many applications including property surveying, agriculture and construction.


 Mapping provided for real estate, construction, agriculture or mining with DroneDeploy. The orthomosaics of high quality but with the added benefit of elevation data, NVDI data and 3D models. Dronedeploy can be integrated with Autodesk products.

 Using Drones for Inspections reduces risk and saves time. Utilizing UAV's for power line, roof, construction, bridge & tower inspections is changing the way companies do business today. We also have the ability to provide real time HD Client Viewing at the inspection site.

 UAV of TEXAS can provide ground based Photography along with Aerial coverage for special Events, Shows and Parties.

Example Real Estate by VideoBarrieVideoTours

UAV service - Aerial Photography $200.00

Aerial Photo Session -Same Location.

10-20 High Resolution Aerial Images.

In-house Photo Correction.

UAV service - Aerial Video $400.00

Aerial Video Session -Same Location.

Marketing Video/w 3-5 second closing credit.

1080p Resolution Format. 4K Res. + $100.00

UAV service - Aerial Photo/Video $500.00

Aerial Photo Session -Same Location.

Aerial Video Session -Same Location.

Marketing Video/w 5 second closing credit.

1080p Resolution Format. (4K Res.add $100.00).

UAV contract service - Aerial Photo/Video

$200.00 Per Hour - 2 Hour min. 

$1500.00 Per Day

Some Projects are complex and require a scope and Job Quote.


Industries have long sought data from above, generally through satellites or planes, but drones are better “sensors in the sky” than both. They gather higher-resolution and more-frequent data than satellites (whose view is obscured by clouds over two-thirds of the planet at any time), and they’re cheaper, easier, and safer than planes. Drones can provide “anytime, anywhere” access to overhead views with an accuracy that rivals laser scanning — and they’re just getting started. In this century’s project to extend the internet to the physical world, drones are the path to the third dimension — up. They are, in short, the “internet of flying things.”

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